People Raising Children (Infant to Kindergarten)

This page offers information for those raising a child (infant to preschool).

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●Consultation Service Counters
●Facilities for Preschool Children
●Temporary Childcare and Support Programs
●Childrearing Support Programs
●Childrearing Support Facilities and Circles
●Children’s Health
●Allowances and Subsidies
●Japanese-Language Education
●For Single-Parent Families

Consultation Service Counters

Feel free to consult about any concerns, problems or questions about childrearing

If you have concerns about your child’s development and the use of related services, please contact the following:

If you have problems or questions regarding your child’s education, please contact the following:

If you have issues regarding single-parent families, please contact the following:

If you have any other problems or concerns, please contact the following:

Facilities for Preschool Children

The eligible ages of children and other conditions vary from facility to facility. Please check carefully before applying.

Temporary Childcare and Support Programs

Temporary childcare and support Programs such as household chores and childcare assistance are provided.

Childrearing Support Programs

Childrearing Support Facilities and Circles

Shinjuku City offers facilities where children can play freely with peace of mind.

Children’s Health

Allowances and Subsidies

The following allowances and subsidies are available for residents raising a child. Applications are required. Please check the conditions for eligibility in advance.

Japanese-Language Education

Japanese-language education is provided to kindergarten students who have difficulty understanding Japanese.

For Single-Parent Families

The following support, allowances and subsidies are available for single-parent families: