International Students

This page offers information related to international students.

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●Consultation Service Counters
●Japanese-Language Studies
●Daily Life Rules
●Scholarships and Student Loans
●Part-Time Jobs for International Students
●If You Wish to Volunteer

Consultation Service Counters

Please feel free to consult about any concerns or questions you may have.

Japanese-Language Studies

Shinjuku City offers Japanese-language classes in which volunteers teach Japanese. In addition, the Shinjuku Multicultural Plaza offers many Japanese-learning materials. Please take advantage of them.

You can also borrow books about the Japanese language for free at municipal libraries.

Daily Life Rules

Japan has many unique rules and customs that differ from those in your home country. It is essential to learn about daily life rules and customs and follow them to avoid trouble.

Shinjuku has prepared videos and booklets in multiple languages to introduce daily life rules, customs and other necessary information about Japan in an easy-to-understand manner.


Also distributed at the first floor of Shinjuku City Office, the Shinjuku Multicultural Plaza and the Branch Offices.

Scholarships and Student Loans

Shinjuku City scholarships

In addition, the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) provides information about scholarships and student loans for those studying in Japan. Please click here for the JASSO website:


The following organizations and websites provide information, job counseling and job placement services for international students.

Part-Time Jobs for International Students

International students must receive permission to work part time in Japan.

A certificate of authorized employment, which specifically indicates the employment activities you may engage in, is issued upon application.

If You Wish to Volunteer

If you want to volunteer in the community or are seeking volunteers, please see the following: