Free Japanese Language Lessons “Nihongo Hiroba”

These are Japanese-language classes that you can join free of charge without a reservation or registration. Why not learn from friendly and helpful Japanese-language volunteers?

For the multilingual flier, please click here.

● Days of the week and programs
〇 Mondays: Kanji
〇 Tuesdays: General Japanese
〇 Thursdays: Beginners Conversation & Grammar
〇 Saturday: Conversation

● Time
2 to 3 p.m.

Shinjuku Multicultural Plaza
(Hygeia 11F, 2-44-1 Kabukicho)

●Nearest Station
A 10-minute walk from JR Shinjuku Station

From Beginner

Free of charge

● Eligibility
15years or older excluding junior high school students(Priority is given to Shinjuku City residents)

Shinjuku Multicultural Plaza
Tel: 03-5291-5171