Shinjuku City Guidebook of Work Portal Site

People looking for work in Shinjuku City can find information on the attractive qualities of small- and medium-sized companies on the revamped Shinjuku City Guidebook of Work—a comprehensive portal site that is especially useful for people seeking employment in the city.
Note: The website is in Japanese only.

Interviews with and Classified Ads for Small- and Medium-Sized Companies in Shinjuku

The Shinjuku City Guidebook of Work site presents classified ads for each company as well as interviews with the management and company employees, spotlighting the company’s ideals, types of services, and employee views.
Note: If you’re interested in a particular company, you can make inquiries or apply for work there directly through the site.

Useful Information for Job Hunting

The site also provides information on seminars that present basic knowledge about job hunting and orientation meetings in which companies in the city participate. The website also plans to include helpful information and videos on job hunting.


Shinjuku City Small- and Medium-Sized Company Matching Support Programs Management Office (within HRP Co. Ltd.)
Tel: 03-3222-1801

March 5, 2024