People With Concerns/Problems

This page provides information on consultation services for people with problems or questions who do not know where to turn for help.

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●Consultations in Foreign Languages
●Childrearing Consultations
●Consultations for Women and Single-Parent Families
●Domestic Violence Consultations
●Elderly and Long-Term Care Consultations
●Consultation for the Disabled
●Health Consultations
●Labor Consultations
●Financial Consultations
●Consumer Affair Consultations
●Residence Consultations

Consultations in Foreign Languages

Foreign Resident Consultations in Shinjuku

You can ask for advice about any concerns, questions or problems you have while living in Japan.

National Foreign Resident Consultation

Childrearing Consultations

If you have any concerns or worries about childrearing, please contact one of the following:

If you have concerns about your child’s development and the use of related services, please contact the following:

If you have problems or questions regarding your child’s education, please contact the following:

Consultations regarding school enrollment and transfers for children with special needs

Consultations for Women and Single-Parent Families

Consultations regarding women’s lives, facilities, etc.

General consultation regarding household relationships

Consultation regarding single-parent families

Domestic Violence Consultations

Consultations regarding domestic violence by spouses, partners, etc.

Elderly and Long-Term Care Consultations

Consultations regarding long-term care, welfare, health, and medical care

Consultation for the Disabled

Consultations regarding disability support

Health Consultations

Consultations regarding  lifestyle-related diseases, periodontal and dental-related diseases, osteoporosis, women’s health, quitting smoking, etc.

Consultations regarding home healthcare

Consultations regarding AIDS and other STDs

Labor Consultations

If you have problems or issues related to work, please contact the following:

Financial Consultations

Consultations regarding work and family finances for those having financial difficulties

Consumer Affair Consultations

Consultations regarding problems related to malicious business practices, product purchases, contracts, etc.

Residence Consultations

Consultations regarding moving and real estate contracts